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Silver Dukascoin

The Silver Dukascoin is the new exclusive offer for existing and prospective clients of Dukascopy Bank. The intrinsic value of the Silver Dukascoin lies in the fact that it is the physical proof of the right to receive the Gratification bonus under the conditions of the Silver Dukascoin Bonus Program.

There are 2 series of the Silver Dukascoin: SPACE and SKY. Only 65 of 1000 Silver Dukascoins belong to the special SPACE series minted from 999 Pure Silver and dedicated to the first launch of a cryptocurrency symbol into space on the 22nd of November 2019. This is a series of rare coins which have been seasoned by uncovered Solar winds and offer substantial advantages for their future holders.

The other 935 Silver Dukascoins of the SKY series are minted from 925 Fine Silver. Dukascoin is the first cryptocurrency issued by a regulated Swiss bank and launched on February 28th 2019. Silver Dukascoins of the SKY series are minted to memorialize this historical event.

Each Silver Dukascoin box will consist of the coin itself and a numbered Certificate of Origin signed by the CEO of Dukascopy Bank.
You can see images of the Silver Dukascoin set and video from the space launch via this link

Order silver dukascoin



~23 gram


999 PURE Silver
925 FINE Silver **

Silver Value

10 EUR *


33 mm x 2,5 mm

Mint Year



250 DUK+ and 50 DUK+ ***


please, check the table

* The physical coin will bear a valuation of 10 EUR worth of actual silver metal at the moment of order.
** 999 PURE Silver for SPACE series and 925 FINE Silver for SKY series
*** Gratification bonus 250 DUK+ for SPACE series, 50 DUK+ for SKY series

Gratification Bonus

الدوكاسكوين الفضي هو الدليل المادي على الحق في الحصول على مكافأة الإكراميات.

يمكن للعملاء الحصول على مكافأة إكراميات بعد شراء الدوكاسكوين الفضي فقط عند عودتها إلى البنك مقابل دوكاسكوين (50 أو 250 دوكاسكوي, اعتمادًا على السلسلة). عندما يعيد العميل الدوكاسكوين الفضي إلى البنك, يتلقى العميل مكافأة الإكراميات ويفقد على الفور حقوق ملكية الدوكاسكوين الفضي ويتم حذف اسمه من السجل. و يصبح البنك مالك الدوكاسكوين الفضي المسترد.

يحتفظ البنك بسجل لحاملي الدوكاسكوين الفضي الشرعيين لجميع السلاسل. يجب أن يتم تسجيل تحويل الدوكاسكوين الفضي من شخص لآخر في السجل العام. تستند السجلات في السجل العام إلى إجراء البنك وتحديثه بناءً على طلب حامل الدوكاسكوين الفضي. لا يمكن تطبيق مكافأة الإكراميات إلا باسم حامل الدوكاسكوين الفضي الشرعي المسجل في السجل العام. لن يعرض السجل العام سوى الحامل الحالي للدوكاسكوين الفضي.

الدوكاسكوين الفضية من سلسلة سبيس لديها أرقام تسلسلية فريدة تتراوح من 001 إلى 065.

الدوكاسكوين الفضية من سلسلة سكاي لديها أرقام تسلسلية فريدة تتراوح من 066 إلى 1000.

$coinPrice = 1.39
$gcprice = {"out_result":"1.39","out_price_prev_day":"1.39","out_rc":"0","out_rc_txt":"OK","ver":3}
$prSpace = 747.5
$prSky = 219.5



Price 747.5 EUR 219.5 EUR
Dukascoins minimum balance required 10 000 DUK+ not required
Gratification bonus 250 DUK+ 50 DUK+

The Bank is selling the Silver Dukascoin while respecting the Reference price (see description below). At the same time the Bank determines the final price upon request. The formula of the Reference price is:

For the SKY series: 150 EUR (cost of production) + current market price of 50 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).

For the SPACE series: 100 EUR (cost of production) + 300 EUR (cost of launch to space) + current market price of 250 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).

There are specific requirements for any client of the Bank to qualify to buy Silver Dukascoin SPACE series. The client should have more than 10000 Dukascoins on their MCA account (deposits included) at the moment of the purchase request. As well 10 000 and more Dukascoins may be allocated on the any blockchain account and/or on the account with partnering cryptoexchange. Dukascoins balance requirement will be checked at the time of reception of the order from the client.

The delivery cost is calculated individually upon request. The cost of shipping and handling will be charged additionally depending on the delivery destination chosen by the client.


Here you can see how the Silver Dukascoin looks in reality.


Each Silver Dukascoin box will consist of the coin itself and a numbered Certificate of Origin signed by the CEO of Dukascopy Bank.

Order silver dukascoin