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Clients’ Dukascoin custody

The Bank offers a custody service for Dukascoins.

As soon as any new client opens an MCA account with the Bank, 5 Dukascoins are credited to their custody subaccount. A custody subaccount is a type of bank account nominated in Dukascoins associated with the MCA account of the client. The client is able to transfer Dukascoins from their custody subaccount to their external crypto wallet in blockchain at any moment.

All information provided above is also applicable to Dukascoins released in favor of a Referrer.

Clients are also allowed to deposit Dukascoins from their external crypto wallets to their MCA accounts.

The Bank provides online reporting, allowing clients to see how many Dukascoins they hold as well as any movements of Dukascoins to and from their custody subaccount.

Clients are allowed to transfer Dukascoins between each other free of charge through their custody subaccounts. Holders of a custody subaccount have to accept that Dukascoins may be credited to their custody account by third parties (e.g. another client) without prior notice.

The same custody subaccounts are used to buy/sell Dukascoins from/to other customers. The Bank will secure the settlement of such transactions.